Are you looking for a general contractor, or subcontractor, to accelerate your construction project? Look no further than the experienced crew and diversified fleet at North Pine.

North Pine offers full-range solutions for each phase and scope of groundwork—from quarry-crushed rock to finished road. Moving millions of cubic yards of dirt each year gives North Pine the competitive edge in the excavation business, and our expert underground utility work services municipal, commercial and residential sites.

We proudly serve the Twin Cities metro and surrounding areas including Western Wisconsin, Eastern North and South Dakota—just inquire at (651) 464-6802.

Anoka-22-Reclaim3Highway / Heavy Construction

Excavation and grading crews prepare a site thoroughly from the preparation of the subgrade surface up through the final pavement surface. Operators use the latest in GPS technology to ensure accuracy, and we employ state-of-the-art equipment to construct, reconstruct and repair public roads or large municipal sites to high standards of use.

147th-Ave2Street Construction

We provide excavation and grading for general street or subdivision construction and reconstruction, finishing with gravel or blacktop installation, along with concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk installation or repair.

Compass-Pointe1Commercial / Industrial Development

Our private-sector and industrial clients trust us to lay the essential ground work and erosion control from landscape to parking lot for their subdivisions, banks, retirement villages, office parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and industrial parks.

Rum-River-Shores6Residential Development

We collaborate with single-family and multi-family residential developers to imagine innovative solutions for ideal earth excavation and grading, underground water/sewer installation, erosion control, concrete flatwork, and paving unique to each location.

IMAG0257Residential Basement

Whether our clients need excavation and backfill of a basement or foundation, or wish to have a basement or foundation trenched and poured, we’re ready to offer precise work with attention to proper drainage and soil control. Services Offered: Digging, backfilling, sewer/water hookup, trucking services, sand, gravel, rock, black dirt.

Valentine-Demo2Demolition / Environmental

From general building and land clearing/grubbing to underground utilities and concrete excavating, we can safely and efficiently get a site environmentally cleaned up, filled and graded for its next use.

Upper-33rd1Water / Sewer Utilities Construction

Our underground utility services range from residential, commercial and municipal water/sewer mainline installations to replacement and repairs. We use the latest technologies and techniques to ensure secure placement that minimizes future issues.

20140930_185955Trucking Service

Material delivery, heavy equipment transport, quad axle dump trucks, side dump trailers, lowboy trailers.



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